What To Do Once You’ve Sold Your Property

The Wait – Moving House

People often sell their properties without having somewhere to move to once it is all complete.

Here are our top tips to help you avoid this problem.

Selling fast and then renting back your home has become a very popular win-win solution with people Nationwide. Many have become accustomed to living in their homes, they are comfortable with their surroundings and familiar with their local area.

There are many reasons why people would choose to sell quickly:

1. Releasing equity to enjoy more of life
2. Fund a life ambition or dream
3. Start a business
4. Pay off bills
5. Stop repossession
6. Divorce or separation

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House on Average?

Rent in the meantime

Renting while you look for a new home is one of the most popular options when it comes to temporary living, as it means you are in a secure living space for an organised amount of time.

Just because you choose to rent temporarily, does not mean you have to live somewhere that is not up to your standards. Many short term leases are of high quality.

Some of these Apartments Include:

Enjoy an elegant reception area with an office staffed at all times. Near the office is a Hotel style lounge – ideal for meeting with friends or guests or waiting for a taxi or a lift.

Doors open into the communal gardens. There is a communal kitchen just off the reception area which will enable you to make tea and coffee whilst relaxing with friends.

The guest suite sits just behind the reception area and may be booked in advance for friends and relatives who may wish to come and visit for a few days.

In addition to these areas, there is a lovely light and airy conservatory on the ground floor which again has doors leading into the courtyard gardens.

On the first floor there is a second communal lounge and on the second floor a quiet common room.

All the communal areas are furnished and maintained.

What To Do Once You've Sold Your Property Live in In A Motorhome

Although it may seem unlikely, living in a motor home is a good alternative option to renting for a few months in between moving house.

Motorhomes are usually a one-off purchase, although it is becoming more and more popular to be able to rent them for longer.

Motorhome rental with all of the amenities you could possibly need. New custom motorhomes ensure a complete home from home. A spacious U-shaped lounge provides relaxing seating and a flexible choice between single beds or a super king-size double.

Modern motorhomes will have unrivalled high insulation values, up to 75% thicker than many older motorhomes. This makes these RVs cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Add the benefits of central heating and heated water tanks and you have a home from home for year-round use.

Long-term Motorhome Hire

The Cab- What the best have to offer

  • Cab Air-Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Colour infra-red reversing camera with 7” flip-down monitor
  • Central locking, including on high-security accommodation door
  • Living Area
  • Luxury washroom with separate shower cabinet
  • Full domestic style cooker and 90-litre fridge
  • Environmentally friendly, low energy LED lighting
  • Dual fuel (gas/electric) thermostatically controlled heating and hot water systems
  • Super King Size double bed or two single beds
  • Home entertainment system; 15” LCD TV with a digital receiver, radio and CD/DVD player


  • Recessed Awning
  • Picnic tables and chairs

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